We are Nimtrix

At Nimtrix, we are a digital transformation agency committed to empowering Pakistani businesses through innovative solutions. We offer a range of digital transformation services to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan digitize their operations and reach new heights of success. Our smart business card is just one example of how we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide contactless, germ-free, and cost-effective solutions to our clients.


In addition to our digital transformation services, we also specialize in cybersecurity solutions to help protect our clients’ online assets. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats in today’s digital landscape, we understand the importance of ensuring our clients’ data and systems are always secure. That’s why we offer services such as virus scanning, bank-level encryption, and security audits to give our clients peace of mind and protect them from potential cyber-attacks.


Our goal is to digitally transform 10,000 Pakistani businesses within five years and contribute to the vision of a digital Pakistan. We believe in creating jobs for every gender without discrimination and pursuing excellence in everything we do. So whether you need digital transformation, cybersecurity, or both, Nimtrix is here to help you succeed. Come join us in our journey to empower Pakistani businesses and become part of our growing community.